Big news in the search engine world! You might have noticed Petal Search, the search engine by Huawei, has disappeared. Petal Search had been a promising contender. However, it abruptly ceased functioning, resulting in its removal from major app stores due to sanctions on Huawei. Even though the Chrome extension remains available, its search functionality is no longer operational. The company insists that users can still access Petal Search through Huawei devices with EMUI 11.0.1 or later and the AppGallery, Huawei’s app store.

This downturn in Petal Search’s fate reminds me of Xayn, a privacy-centric search engine that ceased operations within no more than two years after its December 2020 launch. Once Xayn withdrew, we promptly removed it from our listings.

In response to these changes, we’ve added Baidu Search to the search engine lineup. While it may not offer any privicy-first features, but it’s good Chinese alternative for Petal Search.


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But amidst these comings and goings, a new contender has emerged: GhosterySearch. Although information about its launch and operational details remains scarce, the reputation of its parent company, Ghostery, lends credibility to this newcomer. GhosterySearch boasts several features that align with our mission of promoting privacy and awareness of search engine choices.

GhosterySearch Features Offers unbiased results that unaffected by user clicks or preferences., detecting and reporting trackers before you visit a site, and delivering ad-free results for contributors.

  • Private: Ensuring privacy by not recording search history or personal data.
  • Transparent: Utilizing to reveal trackers seeking to collect data and providing real-time insights.
  • Ad-free: Featuring tracker-free affiliate links for contributors.
  • Privacy You Can See: Not logging search history or filtering results based on user profiles.
  • Tracking the Tracker: Revealing trackers before visiting a page with AI anti-tracking technology.

As GhosterySearch steps onto the scene, we’re excited about the potential it brings to the table. Its emphasis on privacy aligns with our ethos, and we look forward to seeing how it shapes the landscape of online search. Join us as we explore the ever-evolving world of search engines and prioritize user privacy and experience at